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Predstavíme vám Gamesrunch Digital 2021 a spolu sa pozrieme na to, čo nás čaká.

Martin Macháček a Henrich Šmarda

Demonstration of the audio in Die by the Blade

Dana Geidl

Community Management - Víc než jen Shit Shield

Obedňajšia prestávka

Petr Kubíček

Autorské hranie 1428 Shadows over Silesia

Petr Kolář

Comanche - nálet ke kořenům

Jiří Mayer

Unisave - Backend služba pro online hry

Chris Zukowski

Game Marketing

Vyhodnotenia, záverčné slová

(Upozorňujeme, že časy sú orientačné a keďže sa jedná o živé vysielanie, môžu sa posunúť.)

Všetky stánky si naplno užijete na našom discorde

Juro Janosik

Juro Janosik is an action adventure about a Slovak legendary hero. As Juro Janosik you will take the law into your own hands and take an adventure across country of Slovakia. You will loot some gold from castles and give it to poor hardworking villagers.

Trevor's Tavern

Have you ever wonder how does look like like a fantasy tavern? No? Our handy guy Trevor will answer your questions. You will serve the most common NPCs like swords man's, assassin's, magicians and so on. On the other hand....there will be monsters too since you can switch to night shift...but this is the part when you start playing and explore more. Last is not the only thing that you will serve.

World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack is a MMO simulation game about realistic hacking and cybersecurity for Web, PC and Mac. You hack into the leaked system of QuanTech company and with other hackers reveal their secrets while exploring experimental open world networks. Manipulate corporations and inhabitant’s lives hacking their computers, observe consequences of your actions and decide, if you want to protect or exploit this world.

1428: Shadows over Silesia

Shadows over Silesia is a dark action adventure game with fantasy elements, set in real medieval Europe. With true historical events in the background, you can mainly expect challenging puzzles and difficult battles, but also stealth passages and important decisions.


AreaZ game is a hardcore survival game – where you have to focus on survive techniques, use local resources in different Area(z). Survival is based on exhaustion expressed as calories - player has to use for movement and crafting. They can be replenished by various real life survival strategies, from resources available in environment at area, where player is currently situated in. Each action brings risks and rewards. Resources needs to be used wisely and player should plan his next actions carefully in order to survive and reach the next extraction point to the next Area(z).

Rise Up!

Rise Up! Rise Up!, a space adventure and survival game with hints of 4x that tests your strategic abilities and challenges your entrepreneurial skills. You play as Ian, the civilian Environmental Director of the space station Alma Con. The station is reeling from a devastating collision with a piece of space junk. Ian is one of the few survivors and must race to secure and rebuild Space Station Alma Con. With limited resources and an admiral hell-bent on sabotaging your efforts, you will need to make critical decisions, affecting the future of the station and the survival of the crew. The station must survive is your mantra! You scavenge for supplies, you repurpose the mangled bits of robots and equipment, only to find the admiral has exiled you to a penal colony! Now you strategize how you will rise up and build your empire. How much are you willing to lose to win?


Facteroids is a 3D factory building game about asteroid mining in space. Prospect, mine and manage your production lines in a variety of scenarios and procedurally generated worlds across the entire Solar system.


Free to play FPS action game with stealth, abilities and physics.

Engine Evolution 2021

Engine Evolution je závodní multiplayer hra, která využívá podobné principy jako World of Tanks - každým odjetým PvP závodem proti dalším 11 hráčům získáváš zkušenosti a kredity, za které si můžeš koupit různá vylepšení pro svoji motorku, či odemknout nasledující motorku.


Silicomrades is a pencil-drawn co-op shooter for two players with ever-action-changing gameplay. Fight against unstoppable bureaucracy while dealing with unique defects mechanic of two malfunctioning robots.


Territory is an isometric 2D real-time single player strategy about genes and animal species. Animals are behaving the way they would in nature, but you can indirectly control them and mutate them to achieve various goals like genetic diversity or dominance in the ecosystem.

Bushfires: Animal Rescue

Australian wilderness is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place – especially when bushfires are set to destroy its unique fauna and flora. Can you succeed in fighting the bushfires and rescue the haunted animals from the perils of the spreading hell?

Galaxy Highways

Galaxy Highways is a sci-fi space shooter where you're doing pirate raids into star systems inhabited by aliens. You destroy enemy ships, space stations, mother ships or bosses and complete all missions as soon as possible before enemy defense system destroys you with its powerful waves of attacks.


ARTIFICIAL is a first-person physics based puzzle game situated in an underground colony on asteroid 2031 XT.

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