Gamescrunch is an international games and gaming technology festival held in Kosice, Slovakia each year.

Event connects together game developers and public to spread the idea of game development throughout whole gaming and non-gaming community and bring them unforgettable experience.

Visitors can discover, what is Slovak Games Industry about and what games were, are, and will be created through conferences, workshops, interactive expositions and so much more.

With our skills in games industry and with years organizing events, we are trying our best to bring you the most immersive experience in Kosice, Slovakia's second largest city.


[Slovak Only] Stream from gamescrunch 2020 on YouTube


  • I'm really glad that events like this are organized and that there's an opportunity to get to know something interesting from gamedev alos here in Slovakia. It's great to obtain tons of new information and learn something from other devs.

  • Event as whole, great idea

  • Great iniciative to run something new

  • Thanks for rich debate

  • For the first time, it was great

  • I think, that event was really good. It was a great opportunity for our team to present our game.

  • Thanks for Gamescrunch 2020 Online. It's great that something like this happened.