Speaker 1

Alex Mikerin ("RedDolphin")

Senior 3D Artist/ Tech-Art / Animator - ALEIOS, Volcanoids

Alex is a Professional 3D gameplay artist, and CTO of ALEIOS - art outsource studio, focused on Indie Gaming, and responsible for the animation and character art on "Volcanoids"- first person survival shooter, among other Indie projects. ALEIOS provide vide range of art solutions, and help indie developers and single-person teams to establish optimized and dev-friendly art pipelines. with more then 6 years of experience in commercial 3D and Animation , He specializes in creating immersive visual experience through assets and animation, that will captivate your fans in your games.

Talk name:

Gameplay animation setup for characters in Unity

Talk description:

In this workshop, Alex will demonstrate the best practices how to setup the character and animation pipeline with free tools available for every indie developer. with examples of all the common mistakes that can happen in the process, and how to avoid them, the workshop will cover all the steps in unity - starting with handling models, rigging them in mixamo correctly ,importing the motions, and setting up character controller and state machine in the engine .